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G4S is a global business with operations  in more than 90 countries. We employ more than 585,000 people, making us one of the world's largest private employers.

G4S Staff

As at the end of 2016, over 585,000 people worked for G4S. The largest geographical region continues to be Middle East and India where 31% of our employees work. 

The majority of our employees are in frontline roles, with the number of managers and supervisors varying depending on the nature of each business and the extent to which technology is deployed.

At the end of 2016, G4S employees were located as follows:


 Employee Numbers




Asia Pacific 




Latin America 


Middle East and India


North America 


UK & Ireland 


Our People

585,000 people work for G4S making it one of the worlds largest private employers. 
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our employees

In 2016, G4S invested £533,567 from the Employee’s Trust and other welfare funds into projects to support the long-term welfare and development of our employees.
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Employee Turner

The percentage of voluntary turnover across the Group reduced by 7.1% in 2016.
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our communities

In 2016, G4S and its employees have contributed over £1,500,000 to charities, good causes and the welfare of our employees across the globe.
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